Kenny The Rebel

img_cast_kennyFrom an affluent family in Battersea, Kenny is loves dance. Always full of ideas for a dance routine, Kenny spends most of his time dancing. His father wants him to follow the family tradition and become a lawer but Kenny wants to follow his own dream to make it big as a dancer.

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 Played by Paul Westbrook

Denise The Diva

img_cast_deniseDenise is smart and confident – she’s quick to express her views. She has a problem with authority, especially men. With a heart of a politician, Denise wants to change things she sees wrong.

Let down by her father who left home when she was young, Denise is from a single parent home in Battersea. She has always liked Kenny from school but like a typical guy he has never noticed. Hummph boys

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Played by Sharea Samuels


Josh The Performer

img_cast_joshJosh is the performer, always dancing to crowds dance is in his DNA.

The youngest in the group he’s the comedian always making everyone laugh and never missing a joke. Probably the best dancer in the group he’s always changing Kenny’s routine because he thinks Kenny is too serious. Studying Media and Drama at college he wants to become a professional dancer performing at top venues.

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Played by Chase Willoughby




Chris The Player

img_cast_chrisEnter the self-acclaimed ladies’ man – Chris. To be fair, he does have the looks – but surely that can only get him so far? His ladies’ man act is actually a front for a burning desire to get away from his secret life of gangs.

He is determined to become a banker and help his family move to a better neighbourhood.

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Played by Liam Lawrence

Kieana The Beautiful

img_cast_kienaAttractive but lacking confidence, Kieana has recently moved to London.

Kenny believes she’s a great dancer but she doesn’t believe she’s good enough to be part of the crew. Denise thinks Kevin has a thing for Kieana…..let the cat fights begin

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Played by Latoya Lees





Louise-BalieyLucy (Denise’s Mother) was made redundant recently and is struggling to keep everything together at home. Desperately looking for a new job she’s been out of wok for some time and is hoping Denise can help by getting a job but Denise is not interested.

Played by Louise Bailey