About Battersea Streets


Battersea Streets – The Story

Inspired by true stories, Battersea Streets is oozing with talent, drama and big performances leaving you wanting more. We follow five gorgeous guys and girls, a mixed bunch of characters, who deal with pursuing their dreams to become the next big dance sensation. The only problem is, they are still at college, inexperienced and have no idea of what it takes it get to the top but the journey they take will change their lives forever.

Our main guy Kenny or ‘The Rebel’ has just been dropped as a backing dancer and told by his manager “he’s just a dancer”.

Insulted and angry now he wants to take matters into his own hands. Forget dancing from the back, he wants all the applause. We follow his journey to take his inexperienced group – Fantasy made up of two girls (Denise and Kieana) and two guys (Chris and Josh) to the top. They all bring something special to the group but with buckets of personal issues they have to deal with.

Our five characters give us mixed shades of what’s like to be young and living in one of the most difficult times for young people as they face the realities and burdens of high youth unemployment, high living costs and strong competition to get even menial jobs. But they are ambitious, optimistic, young and naïve with nothing to lose and lots to gain.

The characters – Kenny, Denise, Josh, Chris and Kiena have secret battles they must face and overcome. As they study to complete college they also commit to long hours of rehearsals and physical training. It’s tough with buckets of sweat but we’re with them all the way.

The Vision

The inspiration from Battersea comes from real life anecdotes and experiences from the show business. This show is all about promoting young talent from dance, music, performing arts and more. Battersea Streets shows what really happens when performers come off the stage and go home and face the real world of family breakdowns, relationships, broken promises, money problems and so much more. It’s tough to be young but you can live your dream if you make your dream. This isn’t just a glossy piece of entertainment, this is a drama with a heart and a message that resonates with many irrespective of their background.

Battersea Streets will feature guest appearances from well known personalities in the dance, music, and the performing arts. Best of all you get a chance to interact with the lead characters on Twitter and Facebook.

Battersea Streets is produced by 2Enshine Productions in association with Street Dance XXL. Founder and CEO of Street Dance XXL, James Narh is the Associate Producer of the hit movie Street Dance 3D.

Meet the cast

  • Kieana

    The Beautiful

    Attractive but lacking confidence, Kieana has recently moved to London. Kenny believes she’s a great dancer but she doesn’t believe she’s good enough to be part of the crew.

  • Josh

    The Performer

    Josh is the performer always dancing to crowds, it's in his DNA.

    The youngest in the group he's the comedian always making everyone laugh and never missing a joke.

  • Denise

    The Diva

    Denise is smart and confident – she’s quick to express her views. She has a problem with authority, especially men. With a heart of a politician, Denise wants to change things she sees wrong.

  • Kenny

    The Rebel

    From an affluent family in Battersea, Kenny is loves dance. Always full of ideas for a dance routine, Kenny spends most of his time dancing.

  • Chris

    The Player

    Enter the self-acclaimed ladies’ man – Chris. To be fair, he does have the looks to back up his claims - but surely that can only get him so far! His ladies’ man act is actually a front for a burning desire to get away from his secret life of gangs.